Job Networking at a Conference or Industry Event

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Listed here are 11 ways to have a successful network for a business conferences or industry events and hopefully, land a job or a few interviews. Attending events for job networking can be nerve-wracking and intimidating but reading the suggested tips will help to relieve some of the stress.

If you’ve ever attended any kind of a large event, even a large wedding reception that takes place in any large area, it’s valuable experience that can give you courage. Make sure you are knowledgeable about the business or industry you attend and it should feel natural to be where the action is. This can energize you into associating with the right people to make connections with.  This article reads that anything such as over-large steel structures and loud or strange crowds comes secondary, so don’t be put off or feel intimidated. Begin networking and let people see that you know your way around. Here’s a list of tips that I have condensed for networking effectively,

1. Plan your day. 2. Practice your introduction. 3. Pre-arrange meetings. 4. Ask questions 5. Spread out, don’t cling. 6. Use Twitter and the event hashtag. 7. Find a way to stand out. 8. Bring business cards, ask for business cards. 9. Have a goal. 10. Blog about the event and sessions. 11. Follow up immediately after the event.

The only way to make these 11 tips effective is to integrate the steps, re-write  and expand more on them. First, write them out and expand on the ideas to see how they can integrate for improved networking. For example, no 3. integrates with no. 1 and sounds less intimidating. Sending out e-mails is a good idea for planning the day of the event to find out who is attending, speaking and when arriving. For one thing in this way you don’t have to go to early or stay out late when there isn’t going to be to many people around.

Many of the steps do integrate together, such as I demonstrated above, since many interactions are called for in the tips and aid with intimidations and fears. This is especially true in no.2 when it’s suggested to practice an introduction with a business associate in 30 seconds or less. If you leave a business card as in no. 8,  it would improve networking for a quick introduction. You could then follow up later and go back and ask if they have a card you could have, too. These are little things that improve contacts with the important people who may decide your future. These tips are basic but a start to ideas that can be developed more fully by you, just take the time to plan it out totally.

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Certifications, Will They Boost a Career?

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A certification in a field can enhance a degree and can be an advantage but be sure to check out facts and ask the right questions to representatives who certify you. If you feel that you’re not marketable enough, can’t obtain employment or believe certification is a link to better opportunities in your field, you have justified reasons to want one. It’s also justifiable to want to supplement an income or add to educational experience, too.

The importance of certifications could be in hiring processes even though evidence of this is difficult to prove unless the career is among top fields. Other than the careers listed in this writers poll, it couldn’t be verified 100%  whether certification was a career booster. Here’s a list of investigative questions to ask representatives that should make things more clear.

What is the reputation of the issuing organization? Do the benefits of the certification justify the cost? What are the requirements and costs for recertification? Are there educational and experiential requirements for the certification? (Experience requirements are an important consideration for career-changers since they could prevent one from using a certification to move into a new career quickly.) Is the certification national in scope as well as recognized outside the U.S.?

To put questions of this sort to organization representatives is a sound idea. I wanted to supplement the degree I’m working on and I obtained certification in office work for the health field. Since the organization is a local hospital, I was reassured by hospital officials of the benefits of the certification. In fact, I was informed when applying for the job, that by obtaining certification my chances of getting hired would increase considerably. I obtained my certification less than a year ago and while I’m not working yet, I am optimistic about the future and being more hirable.

I was fortunate that I was able to find an area that linked easily to my field and where certification enhanced my knowledge. So far, I am secure about my decision for certification in the health area, since I became more versatile in skills and other functions. Otherwise, without college, I most likely wouldn’t try for certification as the only way to boost a career unless I wanted nonprofessional type of work. But this could be a costly way for someone that doesn’t want a higher paying job. By supplementing my college education, it links me to greater opportunties and increases my marketability, too. I remain secure in my decision and I hope to see results, soon.

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Journaling is a Valuable Tool

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Writing a journel and saving your favorite memories can turn into a power tool if you choose to become a professional writer.  Although, this also applies to any work that requires alot of quality writing, such as letter or essay writing, too. Journaling also is a stress reliever and as a psycological approach, it’s good to use for a listening tool or sounding board.

The writer of this site suggests everyday to write down small details that catches your attention. This then can be of value if you plan on writing a shortstory, an essay or even a novel. Writers naturally observe people and study them differently than others do and Journaling tips, such as these will help to develop your observation skills. With these tips you can learn to build a character slowly or day by day. As an example, choose one person of interest, describe and write down every physical detail that you find interesting. The writer of the site says next develop motivation for the character by inventing a goal of some kind and dialogue, too. In this way you can develop a background for the character.

There are many choices of journaling to choose from, such as movies, travel or a nature journal. Dream journels can be fun and benefical if you understand a little of the psycology of dreams. Many people interpret dreams as an insight into choosing better conscious choices. The writer shows here, how to customize dream journals and express dreams in creative and colorful ways. Astrology journaling also can be a very interesting way of learning the details of every astrological element that affects your sign. These elements effect your energy, emotions, activities and relationships on a day to day basis. Other suggestions for journaling include grocery, car, baby, psycological disfunctions and couple journals. Choosing a topic for journaling is up to you, it can be for sentimental reasons or as a creative power tool for a job. Here is quote that I admire for a way to sum up the idea of journaling,

A journal is a trustworthy friend. It sharpens you. It brings order to your thoughts. It solidifies ideas. A journal expands in you a grateful heart as you capture the gifts in your days…A journal will be a friend who listens…just listens. When life gets tough and relationships are challenging, it can offer comfort. It can serve as an educator for your emotions.

Journaling very well could be thought of as rapping with a friend to clear and improve the mind. This could be in the way of analyzing and sorting through details or by drawing, coloring and creating journal images. A journel is a good way to express emotions for a private account and a good idea when used constructively as for character traits in a story.

The online journal article really helped me to appreciate journaling as a very useful and productive tool. It is a good way to begin a day, add to a day or end a day. Journaling as a stress reliever is great for practicing expression and a excellent way to escape. Although, I don’t believe that by journaling, I am escaping when I am dealing with ideas and expanding them. So,whether I choose character analysis, dream journaling, astrology, travel or nature loving, journaling seems to be an exciting way of creating a useful tool.

Interview Etiquette

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Interviews can be stressful and to know such factors as social skills for an interview when dining out can be benefical if aquiring a job. One area that isn’t discussed often for an interview, is the employer that invites the job candidate out to lunch or dinner. This is one way an employer accesses a potential candidate for social skills and finds out if he can function under this type of pressure, gracefully. The employer reviews communications, interpersonal skills and basic table manners. Table manners are an important insight into an individual to see if he can naturally conduct business and sustain himself at the same time, gracefully. Although, business is not the only area that the employer may want to discuss. The individual needs to be able to have an exchange about anything the employer as host, may find interesting. This could be anything from family insights, outside activities interests or technical operations on the job. Anything that gives an insight into the individual, while he dines.

One may follow tips that writers list here, such as before the interview, checking out the resturant and going over the menu. It is not wise to order anything that is messy, has to many bones or over large sandwiches. Also, be sure to know the etiquette for using table service and the correct way to place utensils when not in use or when finished with them. Another good rule is not to order anything containg alcohol, since the mind should be clear for exchanges in conversation for anything of importance pertaining to the job. Here, the writers sums up a few insights into a dining interview,

Dining with a prospective employee allows employers to review your communication and interpersonal skills, as well as your table manners in a more relaxed (for them) enviroment. Table manners do matter. Good manners may give you the edge over another candidate, so take some time to brush up your dining etiquette skills.

I’m all for appropiate manners, especially table manners and if this is what it takes to land a job, I could survive it! Having an prospective employer reveiw me to see how I can handle eating and talking at the same time is nerve-wracking but worth it, if hired. It’s a good idea to practise the tips mentioned here well before the interview since it would solve much of the tension. Being alittle familar with the resturant and menu helps and I would make sure that I knew how to use various table services.

This area of interviewing etiquette was very useful and I will remember it well. Another helpful item was the suggestion to send a thank-you note later which is not only polite but reinforces interest in the job. This goes along with a thanks after the interview for the opportunity of discussing the position. Also, stating that the prospective employer is responsible for the tab plus tip makes the pressure go off too, I would have been a little up in arms about proper etiquette for this item.

The Pros and Cons of Chocolate

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Only since the 20th century scientists have substantiated research that chocolate has medicinal and nutritional benefits. The writer of this site states that cholcolate and coca powder can be eaten daily in a diet and denies that moderation is needed when it contains harmful amounts of caffene and other stimulates. Up until the 20th century it is stated that chocolate was almost a miracle remedy for anything from heart ailments,  aid for womens’ reproductive systems to the bubonic plague . The writer names ancients, such as the Mesoamericans and Aztecs that used chocolate to aid fainting spells, skin blemishes, seizures and the common cold. The use of chocolate for skin remedies here, compares to other claims of beauty treatments in beauty salons  that advertise coco butter as the main beauty aid.

Many of the remedies listed in the main article are mixtures containing herbs which stengthen its potency more and is the real kick behind the cure. Not any mention is made of the caffeine stimulant found in chocolate that if not taken modernately, it can become very addictive. Dark chocolate has higher caffeine amounts than milk chocolate and the milk chocolate is for better an individual, a factor that the writer disclaim in the report.  The use of herbs with chocolate is claimed to prevent and cure ailments in mental strains, conception, seizures and as as aid in midwifery. It even refers to a cure for depression, when it refers to evil-like spirits that can possess an indiviudal. To cure it,  it is suggested to have chocolate with a breakfast meal for good results. Although the writer doesn’t mention if it’s necessary to add more potency to the cure, other recipes are given that include other herbs. This one goes as far as calling for opossum tail.

“To relieve fever or faintness, a combination of 8-10 ground cacao beans should be blended with dried maze and flavored with herbs. For a cough or cold, drink a beverage of opossum tail followed by a chocolate beverage mixed with a variety of herbs.”

I hope no one takes this remedy to seriously but the point is again that additional herbs are needed. Also, other ingredients are needed, such as maze that I could not find any information about when conducting a search, not even what it was. Relieving symptons of fever and faintness are serious and adding herbs can be too, and a physican should be consulted before doing either.

I enjoy chocolate and I am glad I decided to write about it. I learned more about the pros and cons and though I don’t consume chocolate daily, I indulged more during the holiday seasons. With Halloween just wraping up, it was helpful to reinforce some pros- cons about the treat. The main article really lack in getting the facts across when it was denied that chocolate has a caffeine stimulate in it which can become habit-forming if not taken in moderation.

The article caught my attention when it was visual and informative until it did not refer to additives in chocolate that are addictive. When searching for information about caffeine content in chocolate, I had trouble with this sort of denial on many sites. I finally found an accurate and truthful account of the caffeine stimulate in chocolate on Hersey’s site and here it is. Writers of the Hersey article state that cocoa powder contain the highest amounts of caffeine, followed by unsweeten baking chocolate and dark chocolate. They confirm too, that milk chocolate contain the lowest amounts of caffeine and is better for you than dark chocolate. Chocolate also contains the drug, theobromine, a milder stimulate than caffeine on the central nevous system but another reason we should enjoy chocolate like it was deveolped but in moderation. Stimulates found in chocolate are the reasons it had medicinal uses down the the ages and this should have been stated in the article. Unfortunately, this flawed the  article and it read more like a story of legends, witchcraft and folklore. Now go ahead and enjoy a little chocolate but  in moderation anyway!

In the Autumn Equinox, Nature Feeds Us Abundantly.

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Articles here confirm that in the fall season or the autumnal equinox, we become the hungriest and need extra energy for winter tempertures and shorter days. A little of biology helps to compare earth’s faded green plants to losses of energy. Plants re-locate energy down toward roots to prepare for colder tempertures and such things as fruits, leaves and seeds drop from trees, bushes and other plants, too. In certain plants and vegetables, sugars and starches become denser. These denser food supplies occur in root vegetables that develop more concentrated energy in autumn harvests. Many summer foods that grow above ground such as lettuce do not contain the sugar and starches needed for extra energy that root vegtables contain. Some of these include garlic, onion, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams.  However, there are a few other dense foods that grow above ground such as gourds, winter and acorn squashes and pumpkins. Writers also compare the increase in cooler and drier air that give autumn vegtables less water and more heartyness. These include such vegtables as carrots, potatoes, energy enriched nuts and seeds that are produced as a result of drier air in the fall time. It appears nature supplies humans with what they will need to re-energize with these foods, confirming that transformations such as these  produce clues of natural foods that are best for humans to eat in the fall time.

Harvest moons that go with harvest bonfires in the autumn equinox are symbols and a day when people of certain cultures celebrate the harvest as a defeat of starvation in the near winter months. Suggested is to try a little canning, drying, freezing or pickling  foods for plain winter meals or for traditional holiday planning and old-fashioned harvest activities. Traditional kitchen odors creates nourshing comfort foods and smells  that stimulates a healthier appetite,

“A final natural trend in the fall would be increased cooking and baking in the kitchen. In contrast to the light and cooling foods of summer that help to counterbalance the season of highest heat, autumn begins to initiate that transition into cold weather that makes us eager for a bowl of hot soup or steeped tea.”

I agree and feel more in the mood for cooking in the fall season than in summer when it creates a feeling of warmth and coziness throughout the house. Cooking is more of a natural activity in the fall season than during the summer soltice when its cooler to be outside and I am more active. Cooking out of doors is a favorite activity to do compared to the autumn equinox that is more of a solemn time.  The long summer evenings are replaced by more mild weather and darker evenings, until the snow begins. Cooking and baking go with fall time, especially as the Halloween season is the first holiday after the autumn equinox.

Managing college is rough enough and trying to plan and cook meals can be an impossible feat but it’s worth the effort. This is only for a healthier mind and body to face the stress of school plus the winter season. Since the autumn season is a time for slowing down, it can be good time for get togethers with friends to share a meal. Potluck dinners that are suggested are a good idea to share with friends and a fun way to get together. Later on, another good way to end the evening can by by studying together. Serving up hotfoods, soups, casserole and ethnic foods are good choices in fall weather and a hearty and a nourshing way to study together. One thing that stands out in these articles is how nature supplies an abundance of foods in the autumn that are packed full of extra energy  for colder weather. Also, there shouldn’t be a problem with finding recipes for anything  with online access, it’s become a breeze especially for men to find any recipe in a short while.  So, lets all get together and praise the autumn equinox, defeat starvation with a potluck dinner and celebrate nature’s transformations!

Modernism Rises in the early 20th century.

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On the site of, the Modernist Period is fully described in the early 20th century, offically beginning about 1910. This era was brought on by such things as new inventions of the automobles and airplanes that extended for many a new way of traveling longer distances. This, ‘new energy,’ that writers talk of, also involves new scientific and artististic discoveries along with the new technologies of the century. They list Einstien’s mathematical theories of the universe, new political ideologies and new art forms in almost every art deveolped. But after the first major World War, a Russian revolution, famine and discord, mainly from the catastrophic death toll of the war, disillusion among  traditional Europeans and others occured in the world. With this the famous, ‘avante garde,’ re-emerged, bringing a new era, called modernism. American writers and poets emerged too, such as T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, E.E. Cummings and William Carlos Willams. Here writers say,

“The English novelist Virginia Woolf declared that human nature underwent a fundametnal change “on or about Decenber 1910.” The statement testifies to the modern writer’s fervent desire to break with the past, rejecting literary traditions that seemed outmoded and diction that seemed too genteel to suit an era of technological breakthroughs and global violence.”

Virginia Woolfe was able to define exactly what was going on with human nature. Her writings also testify to her own fundamental changes in literary methods  of writing styles. They are styles that reflect the real changes in the society around her. Her writings were very modernized and do break with the past traditions but at the same time hold to sentimentality in disjointed and fragmented ways, a true modernistic syle.

Whenever I think of the modernist era, I remember America when it modernized and urbanized on a fast and grand scale. It is hard not to think of America too, when we had an abundance of creative artists in many of the arts but especially, literary artists. But when studying history, we discover along with these artists  that with America’s modernization came World Wars and other world catastrophe’s that created the discord and rebellion for established methods and traditions. This is how moderinism came about and it’s an interesting and enlightening concept, demonstrating that out of gloom and blackness something good and wonderful can deveolp, too.